Killen’s Barbecue

killen's bbq

It was a sunny, breezy Texas day. Perfect for the wait that is inevitable when you go to Killen’s Barbeque. The nice thing is the free beer and water while you wait in line, although tips are appreciated.

A delicious barbeque experience and one I’m glad I experienced at least once, especially with the great weather that day. A bit too far to go to regularly, sadly, and I don’t think my favorite.

Killen’s Barbeque
3613 E. Broadway
Pearland, TX — 77581
(281) 485-2272

Hello world!

First post. Hesitant to start but I’ve always wanted to share…

Recently my father complained about having to wait a few seconds while I moved assorted plates around to get the best angle. “What is the point of taking these pictures?”

I’ve always shared them on social media, namely my Instagram, but he doesn’t know that. But I felt I could go a little bit further. Reviews, etc. Also pictures of my own cooking, along with credits to recipes and anything else I felt like, because hey, it’s my blog.

I’ve been taking photos of food for a very long time now, probably more than a decade. It started in college, when I got my first digital camera. Some of the photos were good, most were bad. I couldn’t get as close to the food as I wanted, as the minimum distance for macro was still pretty far. Nevertheless, I persisted.

It’s many years since then and my equipment has gotten a bit better, and my standards for posting a picture.

No use posting it if it’s not pretty. 🙂

Key things: good lighting and awareness of setting. I balance that with how hungry my companions are and only try to take a few seconds on each photo. It’s a race against stomachs!

Here’s to happy, beautiful eatings!